The Path to Proper Mobile Testing

We asked Christian Norton, VMC’s Mobile Manager, to talk about what to look for in a mobile QA partner. 

One of the trends we’re seeing in the mobile space is both new titles and updates being released with performance or launch issues on specific devices. These issues not only leave customers disappointed, they generate negative buzz by getting poor (if not incendiary) user reviews. With the exponential growth of mobile apps and games development, compatibility and thorough update testing are key elements to preventing these situations.IGDA-mobile

When you’re considering a QA partner to test your mobile title, here are several factors you should look at to ensure a great experience on every targeted device:

What matters here isn’t years in business, but their specific experience: have they tested mobile products similar to yours so they know common pitfalls to avoid? Are they knowledgeable about mobile devices so they can make recommendations on which the game or app should be tested on? Can they identify gaps in a test plan and offer insights on a more effective approach? Do they have in-depth knowledge and experience on mobile compatibility testing, and can they provide manual tests on a wide range of devices? Understanding their expertise in advance enables you to collaborate on a smart, efficient test plan for ensuring your product delivers what it was designed to.

Mobile users seem to fall into two camps: those who always want the newest model, and those who refuse to give up their old devices until they stop working. Your testing partner needs to have both the hottest items on the market and older devices that retain a huge user base. Devices are also handed down from parents to children who may be using apps or playing games on older devices or software versions. Whether you are releasing an update or a new title, your QA partner should be able to analyze the latest device trends to determine the best test strategy for your game or app.

It’s great when there’s time to execute a thorough test plan within your project timeline, but what if you find something unforeseen a few days before release, or worse, your new title or update is released and several users complain about problems downloading your app or playing your game? You need a solution fast, and that requires a QA partner who understands the urgency of the situation and can quickly provide an effective test solution to help isolate the problems on your users’ preferred devices.

Whether you’re an indie developer or an established game publisher, QA is more than an outsourced service – it’s an essential element of your product’s success. Look for a QA partner you can count on in any circumstance.

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The Path to Proper Mobile Testing