VMC Welcomes Triangul8 to Its EXP Lab Incubator

VMC is pleased to introduce Triangul8 as the first partner for VMC’s new games incubator, EXP Lab.

EXP Lab is an innovative new incubation program that gives indie game developers their own dedicated lab space and secure connectivity inside VMC’s Redmond office. Moreover, the program enables developers to learn from industry experts who have worked on numerous indie, mid-sized, and AAA games, including attending informational sessions aimed to help Indies prepare for the specific challenges most developers face:

  • Mentorship in QA, Localization, Development, and Production cycles
  • Technical consultancy to meet first-party requirements on all platforms
  • Financial, Legal, and Marketing advice

Triangul8 is the maddeningly addictive triangle strategy game for iOS and Android. Designer James Thomas Charles Hutt said, “We are excited to partner with VMC to teach the world how to Triangul8. Our game is a ‘chess killer’ for the modern day, designed to be easier to learn and play while also activating the same strategic centers of the brain with a more streamlined two-player experience.”

“We’re thrilled to be working with Triangul8 here in Redmond,” said Amy Nanto, Head of Business Development for Games at VMC. “VMC has a long history of supporting Indies, many of which have become industry leaders. EXP Lab continues our ongoing effort to give indie developers the right tools and support to grow. We’re looking forward to seeing Triangul8 thrive.”

“Every game starts out as a fun idea, but there’s a lot that needs to happen to turn that passion into a successful product,” says VMC President Juliana Su. “With over 15 years of experience helping the top game publishers succeed, we are now committed to providing that same expertise to help indie developers get started.”

To learn more about EXP Lab, contact VMC.

Learn how to play Triangul8 at www.triangul8.com.

VMC Welcomes Triangul8 to Its EXP Lab Incubator