The Year of IoT: Key Takeaways and Trends from CES 2017

Innovation was on full display at CES, the world’s largest consumer tech show, in both the products and the presentations. Elgato had one of our favorite set-ups; it’s hard to resist their products when they’re displayed on hovering pods across the booth.


It’s clear that there’s an increasing arms race to capture the mind and pocket share of the connected consumer. While the competition is heated, there is a lack of standardization as companies jockey to get market share for their respective platforms.

Here are a few key takeaways from 2017:

Amazon Dominated the Show

Amazon was everywhere. Alexa and its voice computing technology is heavily integrated into products from refrigerators (LG) to cars (BMW). From cloud computing to smart apparel, there were few categories where Amazon wasn’t represented.

IoT Connected Everything

Robots, cars, wearables—IoT connects them, just not to each other. We are still seeing this space as disjointed, with many different products that are connected but not in a holistic way. Also, how much value can one get from items that are connected to the internet as their only distinguishing factor (smart socks, smart underwear, smart hairbrush)? However, 2017 appears to be the year of the IoT.

Autonomous Car

Although NVIDIA is best known for video games, it’s gaining a reputation in the smart car/AI space. NVIDIA has forged numerous strategic partnerships with Audi, Tesla, BMW, Honda and Volkswagen to provide AI hardware, including showing off a Lincoln MKZ luxury sedan as a self-driving test vehicle at CES. NVIDIA continues to be one to watch in the autonomous/smart car space.


Predictions for 2017


The Cloud

Cloud Computing continues to grow. With a 25% increase YOY for the last four quarters, we see no reason why the trend will change. As a result, big data, BI and machine learning will continue to grow. AWS and Azure, its major competitor, are on target to generate over $12 billion each in 2017. A favorite quote from a post during the show was from Julie White, VP for Azure and security marketing who said the “Belief that one cloud vendor can meet all needs is simply out of touch with reality and smacks of vendor hubris”.

ArtificiaI Intelligence

With robots all over the show floor, AI had a huge presence at the show. There were robot nannies and un-manned aerial systems serving a variety of verticals. We see AI as a growing segment for 2017.

Augmented / Virtual reality

vr-mgm-lionAR/VR was a huge presence at CES once again. With so much hype over the last few years, everyone is still waiting for the killer AR/VR app. We predict that AR/VR will struggle to gain traction in 2017.

We had a great time at CES 2017, and we’re looking forward to watching today’s innovations become tomorrow’s top products. We’re also excited that VMC will continue supporting our partners to make these great products even better.

The Year of IoT: Key Takeaways and Trends from CES 2017