VR is a reality at VMC

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VR has arrived. Amy Nanto (Sr Manager, Business Development, Games) highlights a few things to think about when creating your immersive experience.

In the 90’s, the companies creating virtual reality content had lofty sci-fi aspirations but were limited by technology. We now live in the futuristic world where you can strap on a VR headset and immerse yourself in a truly convincing environment. The creative goal for VR focuses on exceptional experiences – whether it’s games, entertainment, sports, or journalism – but there are some important considerations to ensure the user experience is safe, believable, and truly immersive.


People say content is king, but the platform also rules. Content creators need to consider how their experiences will work on the growing number of VR platforms, headsets, and peripherals vying to establish themselves in the VR landscape. A new era of VR has begun, and with the continued introduction of new headsets and software, VR devs need to ensure their content works smoothly on the latest SDKs.


Even the most talented games professionals can face development challenges getting their VR content to comply with all standards and industry best practices for safety and comfort. Some of these challenges include minimal experience performing thorough QA tests on VR experiences, limited access to hardware for QA and development, and insufficient information on best practices for start-to-finish VR development.

Quality Assurance

Proper testing of your content is absolutely crucial. Testing VR content presents unique challenges when compared to traditional content because the user is completely immersed within the VR world. Low latency, high frame rate, high resolution, directional audio, and good calibration are essential to creating a plausible reality, and a lapse in any factor can take the player out of that virtual world. Knowing how to QA immersive VR environments is vital to ensuring optimal player experience.


After working closely with various VR teams for almost a year before VR devices became commercially available, VMC has developed an in-depth understanding of VR platforms on mobile and PC. Our test capabilities include functionality, usability, compatibility, and end-to-end localization on both VR content and hardware in our dedicated VR testing lab.

Make Something Awesome

Whether you’re creating VR for mobile, PC, console, or Cardboard, now is an exciting time to be a pioneer in VR. Go make something awesome!

VR is a reality at VMC

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