VMC Weekly Round-Up: Stuff on Cloud Computing, Getting Employees to ‘Socialize,’ and Creating Better Games

VMCweeklyroundupThe VMC Weekly Round-Up is a recurring digest of articles that we’ve found particularly noteworthy and/or interesting in the last week. We cull from our Twitter accounts (here and here) throughout the week and picked out the most popular tweets and the ones we liked the most*.


21 Tips for Supercharging Your Cloud Storage” via CIO
Excerpt: Cloud storage isn’t just for files and photos. With the right tools and services, you can do much more: organize data, or automate uploads and downloads … (read the entire article).

Getting your employees to share their best ideas on Yammer, Chatter, and Enterprise Social” via Fast Company
Excerpt: As it turns out, employees are the same online as they are off. They need to be enthusiastic about engaging, unafraid to share what they have to say, and eager to work through whatever they’re looking to collaborate on … (read the entire article).

How Smart Data Boosts Customer Lifetime Value” via Wired
Excerpt: Smart Data technology turns large volumes of data into a living, breathing asset that allows businesses to communicate uniquely with every customer, increasing customer lifetime value … (read the entire article).


What do you suck at?” via Develop’s blog
Excerpt: Being aware of the gaps in your skills is, in my opinion, one of the most important skills you can have. It’s not a fun skill, it’s never pleasurable to look at where you’re lacking, but it’s vital … (read the entire blog post).

Riot: Don’t ban your players, reform them” via GamesIndustry International
Excerpt: Player behavior in multiplayer online games has been a problem since the beginning of the genre. … Riot Games has been working on changing that using scientific methods, and the results are part of the reason League of Legends has become so popular … (read the entire article).


Are We Undergoing a QA and Localization Renaissance?
Excerpt: New game companies appear every week; established models are being challenged, blurring the lines between the traditional roles of development, publishing, and distribution … This presents a unique challenge to those in games QA and localization (read the entire blog post).

What is a Cloud Broker? (And How Can You Benefit From One?)
Excerpt: Cloud computing is a fast-growing industry, with such a high number of providers offering platform as a service, infrastructure as a service, software as a service, and other specializations. This is a challenge for any company —the more services an organization incorporates, the more exponential the challenge grows … (read the entire blog post).

Yay!: VMC Game Labs Nominated for Best Service Provider in 2013 Develop Awards
Today, we learned that VMC Game Labs (VMCGL) was nominated for the 2013 Develop Industry Excellence Awards in Services … Notably, VMCGL took home the prize in 2012 … (read the entire blog post).

VMC Job Openings this week
Remote Data Center/Operations Manager (Redmond), Client Solutions Executives (Redmond, Pacific Northwest, Bay Area, and Indianapolis), Customer Care Team Managers (San Antonio and Fargo)

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*The articles we linked to may not necessary reflect the exact opinions of VMC Consulting or VMC Game Labs. We still think they’re worth reading and pondering over, though.

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VMC Consulting is a technology consulting and outsourcing company that provides flexible and scalable build, run and support solutions. VMC Game Labs is the world’s leading partner for games quality assurance and support.
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