Know When To Seek Help With Social Communications

Monkey_wrench_VMCWith today’s economy, it’s often tempting for homeowners to take on home improvement projects by themselves. However, we’ve all heard of horror stories of decks collapsing or electrical wiring catching on fire. Sometimes, it’s best to have an expert do the work. But knowing when to is difficult. VMC Engagement Manager Kris Honkola explains that a similar problem exists in social communications.

Once an organization has crafted company-wide structural and cultural changes to facilitate an effective social communications plan, the next step is to deciding on the tools and platforms that will be used. Tools and platforms used will depend on your type of organization. A game developer, for instance, may have forums in which customers to submit tickets for problems or discuss the games in addition to popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. A well-known company will have to contend with lots of messages and content constantly streaming in – a lot of it from spammers and trolls – and it will have to come up with a plan to manage it.

The company may use a powerful third party moderation tool called Crisp Thinking, which parses information from different social platforms and flags pertinent content. A tool like Crisp Thinking can be pricey, so it tends to be worthwhile for a company that has a large social presence. Also, Crisp Thinking generally reduces a significant amount of work but it doesn’t eliminate it. It may filter thousands of messages down to a few hundred, but those message need to be analyzed by a person.

The question then becomes, how much time and effort does a company want to personally devote toward sifting through the content for value? Is it cost-effective to outsource this? Also, what is its social communications strategy, if it’s developed one? Does it send content 3-4 times a day or 50 times a day?

These are the issues I can help my clients find solutions for. With so many tools and outsourcing companies out there that purport to do this work, it can be difficult for clients to find the one that best fits their business needs.

Having a third party do an evaluation and propose their recommendations can be very cost-saving in the long run. What steps would you take to ensure your social communications strategy doesn’t collapse in on itself?

Contact Kris Honkola at or 877.393.8622.

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