Use SharePoint To Make Social Marketing Efforts More Targeted

In 490 BC, Greek messenger Pheidippides ran from Marathon to Athens to announce that the Persians had been defeated. The non-stop trek was about 25 miles long. Upon arriving, Pheidippides announced, “We win,” before collapsing and dying. In contrast, the exchange of information in today’s world takes far less time and requires fewer sacrifices, especially within SharePoint, as VMC Solutions Architect Keith Prunella explains:

Social media and social marketing processes can be made more efficient and integration more cleanly with an organization’s website through custom development within SharePoint. Recently, my team worked on a project related to creating web parts that are social media feed aggregators. These aggregators pull content from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social platforms and display the information in a nice, clean list within a SharePoint dashboard. This allows for making adjustments quickly and easily, such as the ability to turn feeds on and off with click. Once refined, such feeds can be displayed on any of our clients’ homepages, ensuring that their social data is continually updated and displayed in a fully customizable format.

Beyond ease-of-use and aesthetics, developing custom social web parts streamlines an organization’s social marketing efforts. With followers’ permissions, we could create an app that captures followers’ social media access tokens and demographics (through an online business profiles like LinkedIn, for instance). With this access, a company can do special push notifications. If the company has an upcoming event that they know is relevant to a certain subset of followers based on a demographic, they could send messages to just members of that subset with one click. This way, the company avoids spamming and alienating followers who wouldn’t find the information relevant, and the company saves a lot of time because its employees don’t have to manually collect that information and send individual messages to each relevant follower.

Having more information allows organizations to make better decisions and helps them zoom in on and accomplish more specific marketing goals. What are you currently doing within SharePoint to ensure your message is delivered to the right people?

Contact Keith Prunella at or 877.393.8622.

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