Which Cloud Suits You Best?

When it’s cold outside, we wear heavy sweaters. When it’s hot, we don t-shirts. On in-between days, we layer multiple shirts. VMC Engagement Manager Chuck Hobart tells us that picking the right Cloud deployment model is a lot like shopping for clothes. You need to think about your environment, your needs and your budget.

There are four Cloud deployment models, as defined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Public clouds are the most known deployment model – and what people most often mean when they refer to “the Cloud.” These clouds are made available to the general public either free, like Facebook, or on a low-cost subscription basis. They’re maintained and hosted by a third party and are very scalable; you simply pay a higher subscription rate if you want more capacity.

If your needs are specific – for instance if there are legislative concerns that affect your industry – you could share a cloud with other similar entities in a community cloud. Though you spread the cloud’s cost among many stakeholders, this deployment model still costs more than public clouds; but you get higher levels of privacy and security. Community clouds are useful in government, education and banking.

If you have the resources and want a cloud completely dedicated to your company, a private cloud is the way to go. Private clouds are costly compared to the other models, but they’re also the most secure cloud model and are less costly than running your own data center. Contrary to popular belief, they can exist off-premise and be managed by a third party.

Say you don’t want to pay lots of money for a big private cloud. You want to store your proprietary information and technology in a small private cloud, and you want access to emails and blogs through a public cloud. Consider a hybrid cloud environment, which is two or more separate clouds, or a data center and a cloud, that are tied together.

When you’re shopping for a Cloud solution, a thorough assessment can help you “try before you buy.” What’s your strategy for evaluating which Cloud option is the right fit for all of your business, technological, and security requirements?

 Contact Chuck Hobart by email at ChuckH@vmc.com or by phone at 877.393.8622.

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