SharePoint + Kinect: Building a Better Solution

brick_vmcTo turn a pile of bricks into a beautiful house, you have to put them together in the right way. VMC’s solutions expert Keith Prunella says that current technology can be used in new, innovative ways to enhance engagement within collaborative teams.

As software developers, we’re basically laying bricks. We’re masons. We have the pieces. Innovation comes from effectively pulling together those pieces – existing technologies and solutions – and using them in unique, never-before-seen ways.

For example, using the Kinect software development kit (SDK) and SharePoint object model, we have a wealth of application programming capability for an enriched user experience. Kinect is a motion-sensing console where people can play games without ever touching a remote control or joystick. It reacts to voice commands and physical gestures. We see the power in combining Kinect with SharePoint dashboards to foster greater collaboration.

Some are using it in a team environment. The process of being able to move things on a dashboard through gestures or voice commands is not only more interactive and engaging; it’s also just fun. Adding Kinect capabilities to SharePoint requires in-depth knowledge of C#, but it lets you to collaborate on a much higher level. Your team can physically engage and interact with one another from a SharePoint dashboard, and the teamwork experience is much more sports-like. It’s no longer about passing the mouse around. Everyone can have control. Everyone is truly working together.

Most people view SharePoint as only a tool for collaboration solutions, but with innovation, it can be more. How could custom development help you build upon a SharePoint dashboard to create more successful teams?

Keith Prunella is a Solutions Architect at VMC Consulting. You can contact Keith at or 877.393.8622.

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One Response to SharePoint + Kinect: Building a Better Solution

  1. Of course this sounds like an excellent idea! I can’t wait to see a demo of this working in a real business.

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