Taking the Cloud’s Vital Signs

Whether you’re feeling well or sick, spend five minutes with a medical professional, and he or she will take your vitals. It can be a way to spot trouble long before you feel sick, or a quick way to pinpoint what ails you. Here, VMC Engagement Manager Chuck Hobart tells us why regular check-ups and ongoing monitoring are also critical after a successful Cloud migration.

“After we go live, we do metering, measuring and monitoring. I used the analogy of a Cloud service being like an electric utility earlier. So, think of the metering phase as what we do when you get your electric bill. Most people get their bills, but they don’t go out and look at their meter. They take the electric company’s word that their bill is correct. Well, that’s something fairly simple to check up on, because you could just go look at your meter. In Cloud computing, you may have hundreds of servers spinning up or down, periods of high use and low use, and storage needs that are growing or diminishing. It creates a very complex billing environment; so, wouldn’t it be great to know that you’ve got somebody else who is unbiased to compare your actual utilization to your bill and tell you whether your bill is legitimate? We provide a detailed analysis so that our clients know how well they’re being serviced from a cost perspective. That’s the metering side.

Measuring is about how well the Cloud provider is living up to their performance promises. They have defined that they operate within certain parameters SLAs. We ensure that those SLAs are being met, that any issues get resolved immediately, and that their technical acumen is where it needs to be to deliver the performance they’ve stated. If it isn’t, we work to get a fee adjustment.

The third part is monitoring. Our client’s company is evolving. The Cloud itself is evolving. If you were to just leave everything as is, you might not be taking advantage of that evolution. So, we do quarterly reviews. We take information about the client’s technology infrastructure and any changes, along with the Cloud costing and performance information, and look for ways to get better value or efficiencies. For example, maybe you’ve gone from 500 employees to 700, and there’s a particular Cloud provider that offers a 25% discount at 700 users on its email servers. Or, maybe there are new security or accessibility features that would benefit the client’s organization. The quarterly review lets us keep our clients apprised of what’s going on in their technical organization and how the Cloud is working. At the same time, we advise them of the deltas in the Cloud that could be used in the future to continue to reduce costs and increase efficiency.”

Regular evaluation helps ensure your technical system’s health. What can you do to keep your finger on the pulse of Cloud performance?

Contact Chuck Hobart by email at chuckh@vmc.com or 877.393.8622.

About VMC Consulting and VMC Game Labs

VMC Consulting is a technology consulting and outsourcing company that provides flexible and scalable build, run and support solutions. VMC Game Labs is the world’s leading partner for games quality assurance and support.
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