Maximizing the Productivity Equation


In our productivity-obsessed culture, the productivity equation is often defined as the product of value over time, yet we don’t always agree on how to get there. VMC Solutions Architect Keith Prunella shares his view on maximizing productivity with SharePoint.

“SharePoint value comes down to the management of your business data and business processes. I see a lot of companies whose first SharePoint solution is not necessarily getting their documents online. It’s creating SharePoint lists that have personal contact information, so that they have a central location to be able to contact their employees without having to track down an address book. They create lists of projects, with the budget information. Or, they will create out of office calendars that tie to Outlook, to track when people schedule vacation, holiday time, or are out sick. The dashboard experience helps them visually see when Jenny or Johnny is available. There are a lot of out of the box web parts that can tie into simple, easy to implement ideas. 

The code behind SharePoint workflows is powerful and can enable automation, adherence to processes, and a lot more interaction. For example, if employees use SharePoint to submit out of office requests, vacation requests, or timecards, a manager can approve or decline those requests, in real time. Starting with simple tasks like adding the right documents into SharePoint, uploading contacts, and adding workflows, you can see great improvement, consistency and compliance with day-to-day operational processes.

By taking SharePoint one step further, we help clients realize more value by creating customized solutions, such as complex workflows. We design ways to implement business critical knowledge management and collaboration solutions, to maximize client productivity. We see a lot of satisfied end users and managers who see the value in these customizations. It makes them start thinking about how else they can improve their operations. They’re saying, ‘How can I create a web tool that allows me to do more to manage infrastructure.’ They see the value and benefit of SharePoint. It’s not just a repository or collaboration platform. It’s a way to manage your communication, your business processes and your content management, more efficiently. Adding creative design elements and customization will really help drive your business and productivity.”

Driving business productivity in your organization comes from the right combination of people, processes and tools that results in more value from your time. What does your organization do to maximize the productivity equation in your operations?

Keith Prunella is a Solutions Architect at VMC Consulting. You can contact Keith at or 877.393.8622.

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