Responding to Changes

In the construction industry, the builder that can respond to changes by the architect or building owners quickly and efficiently typically finishes on-time and on-budget. That leads to more contracts awarded and success in business. Your service desk also needs to be able to respond to and scale for changes that happen in your business. Andrew Vloedman explains how he did that successfully.

Your service desk needs to be able to react to today’s ever-changing business landscape. Business needs change at light-speed, and you need to be ready to meet these needs just as fast.

For example, recently a client upgraded to Windows 7. Call volume in their service desk was expected to triple over the four-month implementation, which required VMC to double staffing over with less than 30 days notice. We successfully sourced, hired and trained 28 agents in less than 30 days. Our custom training and success in attracting quality candidates delivered agents ahead of schedule and ensured a successful Windows 7 implementation. We met all targets from staffing levels to service levels and were able to end the project on time and under budget.

An advantage of hiring an outsourcing company is that we can generate new resources quicker than a normal organization can. Whether the need is a Project Manager, a Tools Developer or a team of technical support agents, we can get them into production before most organizations can get a request approved. Being flexible and scalable is a critical advantage in today’s business world.

Whether you’re a construction firm or a widget maker, being able to scale to respond to a change can help you service your company better. What are you doing to put yourself in the position to respond better?

Contact Andrew Vloedman by email at or 877.393.8622.

About VMC Consulting and VMC Game Labs

VMC Consulting is a technology consulting and outsourcing company that provides flexible and scalable build, run and support solutions. VMC Game Labs is the world’s leading partner for games quality assurance and support.
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