Asking the Correct SharePoint Question

Sometimes the key to answering a question is asking the correct question. If you’re buying a house, the first question asked typically is not what kind of doors are on it. The correct question is typically how many bedrooms and bathrooms will it have to make sure it will fit your family’s needs. SharePoint expert Keith Prunella talks about the correct question to ask when you are looking at building or improving your enterprise collaboration tool, and what those initial answers should be.

The key to being successful in SharePoint or any enterprise collaboration tool is first developing a problem statement that asks what will SharePoint solve for you. This statement is important for understanding how SharePoint will align with your business needs. From this statement we can begin planning a solution that is clear and understandable.

As you begin to lay the foundation, you should immediately define your permission structures. This is where you get an understanding of how many people are going to be accessing the system and what the level of permissions are across the site. You’ll be able to begin to build a site map that matches your security permission structures correctly and defines how you will secure your online business data.

After you have the foundation in place, you can start to think about required features and content, in addition to planning how to manage the content within this site. You will need to plan how this information is to be displayed and how to restrict content to specific people that come through your site along with the permissions that were previously laid out. This is especially handy when you have a site collection with only one business program running on it now, but with your new tool, you will probably need to scale out further and have multiple business programs running. This adds a complexity in how to you make the site so that business program A cannot access program B and C. This is why you need to think about the permissions and site structuring ahead of time.

This is one of the values of bringing in an architect. A solutions expert can plan and build-out a solid blue print for these SharePoint projects to align with your needs.

Asking the correct question will allow you to go the right direction in your planning and implementation of your enterprise collaboration tool. How would you answer the problem statement above?

Contact Keith Prunella by email at or 877.393.8622.

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