Infographic: Supply Chain Management, an overview

VMC’s supply chain expert Tammy Walker has said that she sees the supply chain as cyclical, not a straight line with a beginning, middle, and end.

We thought the best way to illustrate this is through an infographic that is also an overview of how VMC approaches supply chain management (SCM), which basically is the active management of the life-cycle of goods. (Here are more of our blog posts on SCM.)

Supply Chain Infographic |

Tammy Walker is a Senior Program Manager at VMC. Questions, comments?  Leave a comment below and we’ll be sure to get back to you, or you can contact Tammy at or 877.393.8622. Go here for more of her posts on supply chain management.

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Protect Your Data From Hackers When You’re On the Go


How Rx and Wipe Check Tests Guard Against Would-Be Data-Thieves

Stephen Crabtree

Stephen Crabtree

By Stephen Crabtree

When traveling on business, it’s common for people to do work on their mobile devices while waiting for a flight at the airport. They might transfer data to their colleagues at the office over the airport’s wi-fi. They might respond to emails. They might be looking at confidential information.

They probably don’t wonder if there’s a hacker lurking nearby, snatching up every bit of data flowing out of the device.

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4 Ways to Earn Revenue From ‘Free’ Mobile Games


Jon Atkinson

By Jon Atkinson

Consider this: You, as a developer, have invested a significant amount of time, energy, creativity, and money into developing a new application. You’re very excited about it.

But the marketplace happens to be littered with similar-but-not-as-great applications — and the competition is giving away their apps for free. In fact, almost 90 percent of all titles across smartphone apps stores are offered free-of-charge to download.

As a developer, what do you do? You don’t really want to give away your hard work, but to compete with similar content, you might have to.

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How Cloud Computing Evolved Into its Current Ultra-Mobile State

cloud evolution | VMC

Chuck Hobart

By Chuck Hobart

The modern concept of Cloud computing is still in its infancy and constantly changing and many people are understandably mystified by it. If you ask 10 experts to define it, then you may get a variety of answers — all in the same vein, but possibly with different details.

Yet, nearly all of us use a cloud daily.

Are you on Facebook or some other kind of social media? Are you using web-based email? Do you watch movies or listen to music over your internet connection?

If you answered yes to any of those, you are tapped into a cloud and likely have been for a while.

The Beginnings of the Original Cloud

The cloud actually has origins in the 1960s, with ARPANET (Advance Research Projects Agency Network), the defense system’s cloud. Instead of performing some old-fashioned sneaker-net, which is what I call taking a disk out of a computer and physically running it down the hall to give to someone — the federal government decided to connect computers using a basic communications protocol for scientific and security purposes.

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Is Your ‘Arrogant’ Application Pushing and Pulling You? Get Your Mobile Security in Check!


Stephen Crabtree

Stephen Crabtree

By Stephen Crabtree

Pushing and pulling information is a normal part of how a mobile device operates. However, problems arise when software applications automatically push and pull (extract) information from your device without your permission. This is something called an ‘arrogant install.’ We define these as arrogant because in bypassing your permission, they are making choices for you.

It’s like being at a drive-thru and not getting asked, “Do you want fries with that?” Instead, these apps just give you fries and charge you for it.

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Why Copy Editing is Important in Software Localization and Translation


Jon Atkinson

Jon Atkinson

By Jon Atkinson

Those who have worked in print publishing environments are intimately familiar with proofreading and copy editing — iterative processes in preparing written material for publication. These three practices often connote images of printer proofs with marked errors.

It’s an image that is sometimes at odds with today’s technology-rich software development industries.  Many wonder, how do the traditional definitions of proofreading and copy editing materialize in today’s localization work? What forms do they take in the current processes of adapting software applications and game titles into different cultures and locales?

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4 Stories on Solving Real-World Problems with Cloud Computing

Chuck Hobart | VMC Consulting

Chuck Hobart

By Chuck Hobart

Cloud computing has become so trendy that its definition and purpose is often nebulous and, frankly, cloudy! However, when it comes down to it, the cloud is simply a tool to help make certain business processes more efficient.

Here are four examples:

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Games QA: The More the Industry Changes, the More Quality Matters


Ben Wibberley

By Ben Wibberley

Back in the dotcom era, there was a mantra that content is king and you hear a lot of people talking about that in games today.

The fact of the matter is that a title can sink or swim based on the refinement of its content. Testing that content is crucial too as any title riddled with bugs will inspire negative customer reviews and result in lower revenues as customers vote with their feet.

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Windows Intune: An Overview

Windows Intune Overview | VMCKeep Your Enterprise Collaboration Platform in Tip-Top Shape

Keith Prunella | VMC

Keith Prunella

By Keith Prunella

Imagine if you were hooked up to a tool that can monitor your health 24/7. You would never have to call the doctor, as he or she would know when you’re getting sick before you’d even feel it.

Windows Intune does just that for enterprise collaboration platforms.

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VMC Weekly Round-Up: Young Entrepreneurs, Hardware Trumping Software?, Making People-Friendlier Games

VMCweeklyroundupThe VMC Weekly Round-Up is a recurring digest of articles that we’ve found particularly noteworthy and/or interesting in the last week. We cull from our Twitter accounts (here and here) throughout the week and picked out the most popular tweets and the ones we liked the most*.

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